We never charge for our services
1- 800- 405- 5092
The North Central Missouri K-9 Search and Rescue Unit is
dedicated to assisting Law Enforcement and Fire Districts,
as well as families who request our assistance to locate lost loved ones, young or old, day or night, rain,sleet,snow we go by providing professional Search and Rescue dog teams
able to respond to any emergency, as quickly as possible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Our services are free, we never charge for our services, however
the cost of training, equipment and maintaining our dogs in order
to maintain these valuable k-9 teams is substantial. Each member
is required to buy and maintain all
of their equipment.
Our dog's and their handlers must undergo and pass several
tests, before they can achieve the status of   "Mission team
ready". Once they obtain this rating, then they are "Certified"
by our dog trainer for all types of searches.
Our number one enemy is time, the longer someone waits
to request our assistance, the more the odds of finding the
lost in a timely manner is stacked against us. Time is of the
essence, don't wait.

We would rather be called and  not needed,than needed
and not called. The quicker you respond, the quicker we can
activiate our search.

Donations are excepted, equipment or
financial. All donations will be used for    search and rescue operations and or
training only.
We have tracking dogs, air scent dogs, trailing dogs,cadaver
dogs. Our cadaver dogs are trained to find bodies on land or
under water.  Our K-9's are scent discrimatory.

Emergency pager's
1- 888-217- 3907
1- 888-217- 4213        

We are called out through your local Law Enforcement Agencies
or Fire Districts,or when the family request us.
Our team members come from various backgrounds, Law
Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Medical, Corrections, and just
plain ole folks who love their dogs and are dedicated to help
save lives by being trained,ready and willing to go.

Missing from
This page was last updated on: March 24, 2007
We are totally a volunteer organization. Every bit of training
and equipment that we use is paid for out of our own pockets.
Some equipment has been purchased with monies donated by
civic clubs, private individuals and fund raisers.
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